alpha 0.1.6

Tabloro Updates

Hello, thanks for all your feedback New stuff is online:

-Major ingame UI update
-Sidebar menu in game
-Hit "Enter" to chat
-Arrange group rendering order for every player
-Colored names in chat
-Video chat now "on demand"
-Cards on hand are not downscaled
-enabling draggable pieces in website preview
-improving piece auto-spreading on game load
-Add card size info for upload
-"Test piece" button
-synch drag stack & shuffle of selected cards
-more buttons, better button layout
-fix spritesheet load error
-add upload form warning
-fixing server reconnect resetting the tiles
-fixed "add to box" to simplify selection of pieces
-"get help" button
-holes in card stacks fixed
-fix piece count input fields
-fix dice count for 10+

Author:   Franky Jan 25, 2015 10:22 pm